Escalator Safety Tips

Escalator is a very efficient and easy to use as a public transportation nowadays. Judge by how we ride the Escalator it’s a very safe and suit for every people in this world. Of course there’re simple safety rules apply while using Escalator as well. Most accident occur as a result of FALLING.

Here’s the thing that you shouldn’t do and should do when using Escalator:

  • If you are using canes,walkers or wheel chairs,stop and take an elevator instead.
  • Do not ride barefoot or with untied shoelaces.
  • Make sure you get on to the right escalator going in the direction you want.
  • If you are riding with small children,make sure they are held firmly.
  • If you are wearing loose or long clothing,hold it carefully.
  • If you have packages to hold,hold firmly with one hand as you grasp the hand rail with the other.
  • Stand toward the centre of the step and face forward.
  • Do not rest your parcels or handbag on the handrail.
  • Keep loose/long clothing clear of the sides
  • Walk off promptly without any hesitation.
  • Move away immediately so as to enable those behind you to alight as well.

Stay safe

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