History of Elevator

In 1852 Elisha Graves Otis, invented the first safety brake for elevators. With his installation of the first safe elevator in 1853 he literally started the elevator industry.

Milestones as it happen:

  • 1852  Invents a safety latch for hoisting equipment
  • 1853  Starts a company to manufacture safe elevators. Sells elevator to hoist freight
  • 1854  Otis demonstrates the elevator at the World’s Fair, Crystal Palace exposition in New York City
  • 1857  Installs the first passenger safe elevator in a New York department store
  • 1861  Receives patent for improvements to hoisting apparatus, safety brake
  • 1861  After his death his sons form Otis Brothers & Company
  • 1873  Over 2,000 Otis elevators were in use in office buildings, hotels and department stores
  • 1898  Otis Brothers merged with 14 other elevator entities to form the Otis Elevator Company
  • 1903  Introduced the gearless traction electric elevator
  • 1931  First Otis double-deck elevator was installed

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