Our Home use elevator, an elevator specially designed for small spaces and low capacity, with extra low energy consumption, is an equipment you simply cannot ignore when you designed a house with a disabled person or a house that would simplify your life.

Standard Home Use Elevator

Our home use elevator, designed with the same concept we used to design our other elevators, employing the same advanced VVVF technology and safety equipment to meet the EN81 European safety requirement, ensure very safe and reliable equipment you want to have in your home.

Our home elevator is available in standard stainless steel or baked painted interiors, or you would rather have our panoramic home use elevator, which is our newest addition to the Fuji Elevator family.

Panoramic Home Use Elevator

Our Fuji Panoramic Home Use Elevator, designed with utmost taste and elegance, is the first elevator we designed that can be installed without the need of heavy civil work to be done on the owner side.