Elevator Safety Tips

Do you know that Elevator is made through a thousand of experiments so that they can ensure the safety of people that use the elevator. But even though we know that actually Elevator is a safety public transportation that can surely maintain the safety of people that use it, there’s no loss if we stay alert to every single detail of thing that can caused accident to people.

Here’s some safety tips for using elevator:

  • Be sure to stand clear of the elevator door as it is closing. Remember that the door sensors aren’t always completely reliable.
  • Always enter and exit the elevator at designated floor alignments. Attempting to exit when the elevator is improperly aligned is inadvisable because it exposes the open elevator shaft.
  • If you should come upon an exposed elevator shaft, notify the proper elevator safety officials immediately. Do not go near the open shaft or attempt to climb through it.
  • Alcohol can severely impair your ability to operate elevators. Proper elevator riding requires a clear head. If you plan on riding the elevator, avoid drinking at all costs.
  • Before you board the elevator, make sure that none of its passengers appear dangerous. If you feel threatened by a passenger who is boarding the elevator, exit the elevator immediately. It’s silly to take unnecessary risks when the stairs are always a viable alternative.
  • Be sure to ride elevator with a friend or buddy.

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