As the heart of the building, it is important that vertical transportation units are reliable and are operating without interruptions during important hours. A vertical transportation unit, may it be an elevator, escalator, or travelator, even a dumbwaiter, consists of thousands of moving parts. And some even move at higher speed and more frequencies than others.

When you have moving parts, including micro-vibrations, you will have parts or gaps or even screws that move out of place, millimeters by millimeters each time. It may seem harmless when you think of it. However, when something happens because of those millimeters you overlooked, you would say that you should have done something earlier.

That is where we come in. Ensuring that your units are always well adjusted and safe, our most basic maintenance package comes with adjusting your unit monthly to meet the vertical transportation safety requirement and fix problems before they happen, which means that your units will always perform well, whenever you need them, undoubtedly, and this represents part of preventive maintenance.

Our Maintenance

Our Company has been recognized to have a standard system maintenance. We have three types of maintenance packages