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When you decide on your vertical transportation equipment, you have to consider that purchasing the unit is one thing and keeping it running reliably is another.

Our services will help you decide what you should expect from your vertical transportation equipment. As a true vertical transportation company, we offer not only our equipment but also services relating to vertical transportation equipment. Our Vertical Transportation services will help you decide what you need most from, what you need to do with and what you should expect from your vertical transportation equipment. Our technicians and our sales team, strictly and professionally trained, are prepared to perform the services for you, and answer your questions, wherever, whenever, and on-schedule.


All our elevator installations are done in accordance with the Indonesian safety regulations, ensuring safe and precise installations, increasing reability, stability and safety in our equipment.


In our many services, we include modernizing services, meaning giving extended life to your existing units by changing some crucial parts, increasing the units efficiency, which is almost like having new equipment.


As the heart of the building,it is important that vertical transportation unit are reliable and are operating without interruptions during important hours, consist of thousand of moving parts. And some even move at higher speed and more frequencies than others.

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